Fixed-term Deposit Account

Do you prefer to play it safe? Receive a fixed return on your money over a fixed period?


What is a Fixed-term Deposit Account?

The Fixed-term Deposit Account is a safe, flexible savings plan where you choose the currency in which you save, the amount and term, and the interest and repayment arrangements. Major advantages include security, flexibility and guaranteed interest rates for the terms chosen by you - all free of charge.



  • Free choice: you choose the term, amount, currency and interest payment arrangements. 
  • Certainty: you know exactly when you will receive which amount.
  • Inexpensive: there is no management fee and the deposit accrues interest immediately.


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  • Fixed-term investments are possible from EUR 250 and from the equivalent in other currencies of EUR 2,500.
  • Short terms vary from 7 days to 12 months, but you can specify your own maturity date on which you receive the interest, provided that this is a bank business day.
  • Long terms vary from 1 to 10 years; you can choose to receive interest annually, quarterly, monthly or at the end of each fixed investment period.
  • If you want to save a lump sum over a period specified by you (with a maximum of 20 years), fixed-term deposit accounts offer you a savings plan with investment by capitalisation up to the final expiry date.
  • A fixed-term investment bears interest from day one.
  • With a fixed-term investment, the interest rate set at the outset is guaranteed until the maturity date.
  • The interest rate for each fixed-term investment depends on the currency chosen, the term and the amount.
  • As market rates are constantly changing, BNP Paribas Fortis adjusts interest rates for fixed-term investments on a daily basis. 


Fixed-term Deposit Accounts are subject to Belgian withholding tax. Each interest statement gives the account holder a breakdown of the withholding tax paid.


    • You specify the currency, term and amount of each fixed-term investment.
    • You choose the savings terms (capitalisation or regular payment of interest and/or capital, etc.).
    • For long-term investments in EUR of up to 10 years, you can also have the interest paid annually, quarterly or monthly.
    • You decide what happens at maturity. For instance: into which account (Savings Account, Current Account) the interest and/or capital are to be paid.
    • There are no upfront charges.
    • There is no management fee

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General Terms and Conditions of the Bank (pdf)

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