MiFID means investment advice that's even more solid

Every time we offer investment advice

  • We systematically evaluate whether the investments we recommend match your investor profile;
  • We always take your investment portfolio as our point of departure.


What is our precise approach?

  • This portfolio contains all the Custody Accounts, Investor's Accounts, Savings Accounts, Term Accounts and virtually all the investment-type insurance products in your name.
  • We examine the composition of this portfolio and calculate what proportion is invested in shares, bonds, cash and alternative investments respectively.
    • The 'share' component consists primarily of your equity funds and individual stocks.
    • ‘Bonds' include your bond funds, euro-bonds, savings certificates, state notes, term accounts and financial insurance policies with a guaranteed minimum return.
    • ‘Alternative investments' is where we place your investments in real estate, commodities and funds, the composition of which can fluctuate sharply.
    • ‘Cash', lastly, consists chiefly of your savings balances.
  • Each purchase or sale is tested against the recommended portfolio allocation.
  • Specifically, we check whether the major asset classes within the portfolio (primarily shares, bonds, cash and alternative investments) remain within acceptable ranges after the planned purchases or sales. We then send you a warning if particular purchases or sales would result in an imbalance in the portfolio.

That way we can help you avoid purchasing investments that are too risky for your portfolio.

The golden rule of investment is ‘don't put all your eggs in one basket'. We therefore advise you to invest no more than a predetermined maximum proportion of your portfolio in any specific investment. We will warn you if a new purchase would result in that maximum being breached.