Strategic funds

You have neither the time nor the inclination to manage an investment portfolio yourself. You prefer to entrust this task to specialists whose sole aim is to offer you the best return while also maintaining risk controls. Do not hesitate to choose a strategic fund.

What are strategic funds?

Strategic funds give the individual investor access to an actively managed and broadly diversified portfolio, made up of equities, bonds, alternative investments and liquid assets. The allocation of these different asset classes varies depending on the investor profile.


  • Optimal risk distribution through considerable diversification, even with limited initial capital.   
  • Large long-term potential return
  • Made to measure: sub-funds exist for each investor profile – conservative, defensive, neutral, dynamic and aggressive.
  • Puts inaccessible markets and assets within reach of the individual investor (Chinese equities, commodities, real estate and so on).
  • Active management by specialists integrating strategic investment decisions at all times.


There are different types of strategic fund offering very varied risks. Before making an investment decision, investors are asked to read the official documentation that among other aspects describes the risks inherent in the sub-fund, recommended investment horizon and risk category.

Choose the strategic fund to suit you

Strategic funds form the lasting basis of any well-constructed investment portfolio. It is therefore very important to choose well. Your investor profile is of course the main criterion for your selection but not the only one. Your investment horizon, objectives and financial risk tolerance can also guide your choice towards products that, for example, focus more on risk control or the search for an optimal return via considerable diversification in your portfolio.



Get full details

The sub-funds of the Belgian BNP Paribas B Control Flexible SICAV are mixed sub-funds with no fixed maturity or capital protection, the specific feature of which is that they include:

  • a defensive objective* to counter declining markets;
  • a reaction to gains in the net asset value when markets rally.


* Although the investment policy is focused entirely on achieving this objective, no guarantee can be given in this respect.

The sub-funds of the Belgian SICAV BNP Paribas B Global are mixed sub-funds of the funds of funds type, with no fixed maturity or capital protection. Their portfolio therefore invests in funds that are themselves invested internationally in equities and/or bonds and/or alternative investments in accordance with the investor profile. They therefore aim for an optimal risk/return ratio via considerable diversification:

  • at the management level: combination of high-quality managers and varied management styles;
  • in assets: considerable diversification in each asset category by choosing a varied selection of funds that themselves have extensive diversification;
  • geographically: through international asset allocation.


Information leaflet on Financial Instruments (pdf)

Fee schedule for principal securities transactions (pdf)