The possibilities with PC banking

PC banking contains several areas, each with a menu with a series of options.  

The possibilities with PC banking  



Accounts and Cards

Check your current accounts and cards

Personalise your bank card with a photo of your choice

View your account history

View the record of your rejected transactions

View transactions for the current month carried out with your credit card

Search for transactions

Print account statements

Export a file containing your account history (max. 180 days)

Request an archive record of the transactions for your accounts since 01/07/2003

Enter and manage domestic and European (with or without a fixed date) and international transfers

Work out or validate an IBAN

Manage the payments in your virtual envelope

Manage a list of your domestic beneficiaries

Manage a list of your international beneficiaries

Enter and manage your standing orders and direct debits

Manage your European direct debits (collections, mandates and stops per account)

Check and pay your bills and pay slips with ZOOMIT

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Manage your access to Phone banking

Top up your Pay&Go card from your mobile phone

Choose the best account package for you using "Upgrade package"

Open and manage an Ordinary Current Account, Online Savings Account, Premium Online Savings Account, Ordinary Savings Account or Investor's account

Carry out simulations

Request information about our products

Save and Invest

Check your investments

Open and manage a Pension Savings Account, Premium Online Savings Account, Ordinary Savings Account, Fixed-term Deposit Account, Custody Account or Investor's Account

Buy and sell securities

Manage your pending orders and transactions

Manage the investment orders in your virtual envelope

Determine your Investor Profile

Manage a virtual portfolio

Perform certain securities transactions

Subscribe to bonds, investment funds and bank savings certificates

Open and manage Flexinvest plans

Work out the value of your investment portfolio

Analyse your portfolio

Budget for your retirement

View and update your Portfolio Advice agreements

View standard portfolios

View our favoured bonds and equities

Read the financial news

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Request information about Save and Invest products


View your loans

Carry out simulations for instalment loans (particularly car finance, consumer credit facility and energy loan) and home loan

Apply on line for a car loan, consumer credit facility, energy loan, instalment loan or tax credit facility.

Estimate the cost of your home purchase

Request information about loans


View your insurance policies

Pay your insurance premium

Budget for your retirement

Carry out insurance simulations

Take out Europ Assistance cover

Request information about insurance

Using My bank

Receive and send secure messages to BNP Paribas Fortis

Define your preferences

Name, organise and group your accounts as you wish

Hide accounts

Manage your contract

Manage your (domestic, European and international) beneficiaries

Manage your customer data

Arrange an appointment with your branch