Don't waste time chasing bad payers and be sure that you always have adequate working capital.  Let professionals take care of monitoring your invoices.

What is factoring?

With factoring, we manage your debtors and ensure that you have sufficient cash.


  • Faster payments: our experts ensure quicker payment by your debtors.
  • Convenience: we monitor your debtors so that you can focus on running your business.
  • Security: we cover your invoices against defaulters.
  • Liquidity: since you receive advances based on your invoices, you can have access to extra working capital.


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  • You choose which services you want us to perform. We provide you with an appropriate offer tailored to your company's specific requirements.
  • Let us perform your debtor management: because your debtors pay more quickly, you will have immediate access to additional working capital.
  • The benefit of insolvency cover: what happens if your customers don't pay or go bankrupt? We take action and pay you the amount of the invoice within ninety days up to the predetermined limit.
  • Opt for flexible financing: we will advance you up to 85% of your outstanding receivables. This means you always have sufficient working capital, even if your customers have not yet paid their invoices. As a result, you can pay your suppliers in cash and enjoy the benefit of additional discounts or make up for fluctuations in turnover.
  • Cross-border factoring: collecting amounts due from debtors abroad can often be a difficult task. In this respect, we are able to call upon local partners who are familiar with the customs and sensitive features of the local market and ensure the best possible collection.

Business owner X is fed up with waiting lengthy periods before his invoices are paid. Drafting and sending reminders takes a lot of time and money and his suppliers want cash payment, which inevitably squeezes his cash flow.


He therefore opts for factoring, which means he can outsource the monitoring of invoices to his customers in accordance with the procedures agreed in advance. He then doesn't have to be concerned with monitoring payment and can check the status of his portfolio of debtors online.


To resolve his cash flow problem, he also uses flexible advance financing based on the amount of his invoices. This means he can make up for fluctuations in turnover and negotiate advantageous terms for cash payment with his suppliers.


What's more, the 100% payment risk cover means he no longer has to worry about unpaid invoices.


The result is: Business owner X can focus entirely on the day-to-day running of his business. He doesn't have to worry about payment arrears because he knows he's dealing with experts and he has access to sufficient working capital at all times.

Lender: BNP Paribas Fortis Factor SA/NV (BNPPFF), Steenweg op Tielen 51, 2300 Turnhout – VAT 0414.392.710 – subject to acceptance of your application.

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