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An accident can happen suddenly. A tree comes crashing down on your house. A deep-fat fryer burns your kitchen to cinders. A water leak floods your living room. Better to make sure you're properly insured…

What is Top Home?

This fire insurance from AG Insurance covers damage in and around your home caused by a fire, an explosion, lightning, storms, natural disasters, water, electricity and burglary. Damage to your children's accommodation, rented accommodation, the venue for your family party, and more are also automatically covered.

Your advantages

  • the most complete cover for every risk;
  • clear option: “Everything is covered except…”;
  • quick and efficient damage claims via TeleClaims;
  • monthly premiums with no extra costs.

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No matter what materials are used, your house is always properly insured thanks to the method used to value your home based on the number of rooms.

  • Basic cover: fire, vandalism, explosion, storm, damage to solar panels, fuel oil leaks, lightning, natural disasters, water damage, glass breakage, electrical faults, attacks and industrial disputes affecting your home.
  • Automatic coverfor your 'ECO' investments (your solar panels, solar boiler, roof, floor and wall insulation, heat recovery ventilation system, etc.) with our mini-scheme.
  • Additional cover for consequential loss following the occurrence of an insured risk: salvage costs, costs of temporary housing, loss of use of real-estate property, claims by third parties, tenants and occupants, etc.
  • Optional cover: assurance against the theft of household contents, legal assistance and consequential loss to indemnify the financial consequences arising from a claim.

If the nature of the damage makes it possible, TeleClaims will offer you a “repair in kind” by professional repairers:

  • with no need for a quotation or expert survey; you do not even have to look for a repairer yourself. 
  • You have a six months' warranty on the work undertaken.
  • You do not even pay the deductible excess.
  • Has your electric garage door got stuck? Has your boiler stopped working? Has your child thrown a toy into the toilet, blocking it? Top Habitation is at your side and provides cover that is not available with standard household insurance policies.
  • We will send you a professional repairer and cover the call-out charge and labour costs for up to two hours (up to a maximum of EUR 200 for each claim).
  • It also covers uninsured damage to the building (with the exception of furniture) up to three times a year.

The Pack Landlord offers unique guarantees for those leasing houses and apartments:

  • intervention for unpaid rent;
  • legal assistance with disputes involving the lease contract;
  • intervention with rental damage;
  • intervention when a tenant leaves prematurely.


The Pack Landlord guarantees extensive cover and high payment ceilings.

  • “I am building, I am refurbishing” Pack a truly comprehensive insurance while your works are underway that covers accidents involving yourself and any volunteers helping you with the finishing work. 
  • Garden Pack: damage to planted areas, damage or theft of items in the open air (garden furniture, etc.), soil decontamination, etc.
  • Security Pack: extension of the Theft cover. For example: a significantly higher limit for claims relating to jewellery.
  • Swimming Pool Pack: full cover for your swimming pool and accidents that may occur around the pool.


This is in reference to an AG Insurance product, distributed by BNP Paribas Fortis.


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 { General Terms and Conditions for Top Home (pdf, FR) General Terms and Conditions for the “I am building, I am refurbishing” Pack (pdf, FR) General Terms and Conditions for the Pack Landlord (pdf, FR) General Terms and Conditions for the Pack Tenant (pdf, FR)


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