Top Family

A moment of distraction can be very expensive. Fortunately, you can protect yourself and your family from the financial consequences of a momentary lapse.

What is Top Family?

Top Family is a policy that compensates third parties for bodily injury and material damage caused by you, your family, your pets, etc. in your private life. You can also opt for legal assistance cover that you can count on if, say, you yourself are a victim and want to claim compensation. 



  • Extensive worldwide cover
  • A broad perception of who is an insured person: including children of partners and official cohabitees, your children in their student accommodation, your temporary guests, and your home help while they are working at your place.
  • Extra high pay-out ceiling: no matter how serious the situation might appear, our wide-ranging covers mean that you're effectively insured in your private life in pretty much any situation you can imagine.
  • 20% reduction for young people (max. 25 years old) and the elderly (60+).
  • Rapid claims settlement by TeleClaims: all you need to do is call freephone 0800 96 040 for one of our specialists to lift the weight from your shoulders (24/7).
  • Family+ Pack for absolute peace of mind: add a series of supplementary covers – unique in the market – to your personal liability insurance.
  • Wide selection of options means family liability cover that perfectly meets your individual needs. 



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Top Family* provides financial protection against damage caused in the course of your private life. A few examples to illustrate:

  • You're cutting down a tree in your garden and it falls onto your neighbour's garage.
  • Your children, or those of your partner, cause third-party damage while playing.
  • Your dog rips a visitor's leather jacket to shreds.
  • Your son is playing football and kicks the ball through your neighbour's window.
  • While playing your favourite sport (not within an official competition), you or your children injure a third party.
  • A passer-by slips on the snowy pavement outside your house.
  • Your son or daughter injures a child while babysitting.

Top Family* covers two types of person:


Principal insured persons:

  • You (the policyholder);
  • Your cohabiting spouse or partner;
  • Persons living under your roof (including students renting a room);
  • Your children and/or those of your cohabiting spouse or partner who are living somewhere else but are financially dependent on you.

Other insured persons:

  • Domestic staff you employ, such as a gardener or cleaner;
  • Children you care for professionally as a child minder (max 5 children);
  • Guests staying temporarily with the policyholder.

Top Family* provides two forms of cover:


Private life third-party liability insurance

  • For the principal insured person(s);
  • Valid worldwide;
  • Covers your third-party liability in your private life for material damage and/or bodily injury to third parties.


Legal assistance insurance

  • For the principal insured person(s);
  • Valid worldwide;
  • Assisting with the procedural costs and fees of any lawyers you use for your defence in criminal proceedings;
  • Bail posted abroad and intervention in the event of insolvency of a liable third party.
  • If you have been the victim of material damage and/or bodily injury, we organise third-party recourse against the liable third parties;
  • Recourse in the event of medical error;
  • The costs of searching for missing children under the age of 16.

The Cyclist Pack is the only accident insurance – plus assistance – that can cover the entire family and all bikes. The Cyclist Pack is for everyone who cycles.

You can choose between an individual formula, a formula for couples and one for all family members. The Cyclist Pack is based on the fact that adults – and above all children – are more vulnerable when cycling. Even a seemingly innocent fall can give rise to substantial medical costs.

  • The Cyclist Pack covers bodily injury, permanent disability or death of the cyclist and insured passenger(s) as a result of a cycling accident, with no excess (deductible).
  • The Cyclist Pack covers damage to the cycle and its accessories (helmet, child seat, trailer, etc.) up to EUR 1,000 or 2,000, depending on the selected option, in the event of an accident resulting in incapacity for work (or the equivalent) on the part of the insured person for a minimum of two days. In this case, you only pay a modest deductible of EUR 50.
  • Extensive assistance in the event of accident, breakdown or theft (in Belgium and up to 30 km over the border).

Cycling to school or work; a Sunday excursion; a mountain-bike trip; or a cycling holiday in Belgium or abroad: the Cyclist Pack is right there with you.

The Family+ Pack is optional cover available with the Top Family policy. It extends the third-party liability cover in several ways, while also offering a British-style policy excess (deductible).


Extension to basic cover

  • Damage caused to a holiday rental or its contents, or premises you have rented for a family celebration.
  • Damage to objects in your care (not including motorised vehicles with a maximum speed of 15 km/h or more; aircraft and jet-skis; sailing boats weighing more than 300 kg and motorboats of 10 DIN HP or more; and paper securities).


British-style excess (deductible)

As soon as the amount of the actual claim is higher than the amount you have to pay yourself (the policy excess or deductible), the full amount of the claim will be paid. In other words, above that amount you no longer have to bear the first part of the loss yourself.

Every ‘employer' is obliged to take out workplace accident insurance. Failure to do so is punishable by fines and criminal prosecution (Law of 10 April 1971 on Workplace Accidents).

The Domestic Staff option is legally required insurance for an employer of domestic personnel. The insurance compensates the employer or his or her beneficiary for occupational accidents at or en route to or from work.

It covers the policyholder's staff who are not subject to social security and who work on behalf of the policyholder's family.

In short, the domestic staff option avoids a situation in which the Industrial Accidents Fund pursues a non-insured employer for what can be considerable costs.

  • Family Assistance option

    This option provides worldwide assistance for policyholders, all other people residing with them, their unmarried children and grandchildren under the age of 25 who are accompanying them, and all other persons who are travelling (free of charge) in the policyholder's car (in the event of accident or breakdown), with the exception of hitchhikers. The cover includes:

    • Medical assistance;
    • Linguistic assistance;
    • Domestic assistance in the event of an accident resulting in bodily injury;
    • Une garde d'enfants en cas d'accident des parents avec dommages corporels
    • If the insured dwelling is uninhabitable:
      • Hotel, essential luggage;
      • Taking care of insured persons under the age of 16;
      • Taking care of pets;
      • Security costs;
      • Transfer of contents;
      • Removal;
    • Loss or theft of keys of the insured dwelling;
    • Lump sum compensation of ski pass.

  • Horse Third-party Liability option

    The basic Top Family cover already insures two horses. If you have more than two, the Horse Third-party Liability option covers you against:

    • Damage caused by all horses in all circumstances, including participating in equestrian competitions (provided it's not on a professional basis);
    • Personal liability during use by persons who have been instructed by the policyholder to take care of the animals and vehicles, or to use them for the personal needs of the insured person.

  • Teacher Third-party Liability option

    This option covers the extra-contractual third-party liability you assume in respect of an accident during your professional work, including that caused by pupils in your charge. Damage caused by the premises in which you perform your professional duties is also covered, as is school equipment you were not aware was faulty.

    The option is exceptionally wide and provides cover:

    • During collective or private lessons;
    • During playtimes and other school activities;
    • When you organise or lead group trips, in which people take part that do not belong to the educational institution at which you teach;
    • When you organise private activities (celebrations, walks, factory visits, etc.) outside the scope of your specific teaching activity.

The number that's a life-saver

You can never be truly prepared for an accident or similar incident. Which is why immediate assistance is so important, together with a claims procedure that kicks in right away. You'll be wondering what to do, what documents you need to complete and when will the claim be settled. Thanks to your Top Family** policy, you'll get the answers you need to all your questions straight away. Simply phone TeleClaims (24/7) for assistance and to notify us of your claim.

  • In Belgium, call the freephone number 0800 960 40.
  • From abroad: +32 2 664 99 00.


What will TeleClaims do for you?

  • During office hours (from 8 a.m. to 6.30 p.m.):
    • We will provide you with the emergency assistance you need.
    • We will start processing your claim straight away.
  • Outside office hours (from 6.30 p.m. to 8 a.m.):
    • We will register your claim notification.
    • We will organise the necessary assistance straight away.



* This is in reference to an AG Insurance product, distributed by BNP Paribas Fortis.

AG Insurance sa/nv – 53 boulevard Emile Jacqmain, B-1000 Brussels – RPM/RPR Brussels – VAT BE 0404.494.849 –
Accredited insurance company licenced under code number 0079, under the supervision of the National Bank of Belgium, 14 boulevard de Berlaimont, 1000 Brussels
BNP Paribas Fortis sa/nv, 3 Montagne du Parc, B-1000 Brussels – RPM/RPR Brussels – VAT BE 0403.199.702, registered with the FSMA under n° 25.879A and acting as a contractually appointed insurance agent on behalf of AG Insurance sa/nv.



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