Hospitalisation Insurance Plus

One family in three has to cope with a hospital admission each year. And one Belgian in seven spends several days and nights in a hospital bed. All of which can have a pretty hefty price tag. Because falling ill and being admitted to hospital are getting more expensive in Belgium all the time.


What is Hospitalisation Insurance Plus?

Hospitalisation Insurance Plus offers you comprehensive protection against the financial consequences of hospitalisation, anywhere in the world. And it even protects you beyond your stay in hospital…


    • Peace of mind and security: being admitted to hospital needn't cost a fortune. Significantly reduce the stress that hospitalisation can bring to you and your loved ones.
    • You're insured for as long as you choose: you alone can decide to cancel the policy.
    • Free choice of hospital and doctor: you can count on the best care and the most advanced techniques.
    • Serious illness cover: reimbursement of outpatient medical care* for 30 serious illnesses (including cancer, leukaemia and multiple sclerosis).
    • Assistance in Belgium and abroad: Hospitalisation Insurance Plus is there to support you when you need it. Before, during and after your time in hospital.


* Outpatient care = medical care provided or prescribed by a physician without hospital admission.



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  • Hospitalisation: accommodation expenses, pharmaceutical and medical costs, etc.
  • Reimbursement of outpatient care* pre- and post-hospitalisation (one month before and three months after hospital admission).
  • Reimbursement of outpatient care* for 30 serious illnesses.
  • The ‘Delta' option enables you to extend your covers even further (pre- and post-hospitalisation period twice as long, reimbursement of fertility treatment, etc.).


* Outpatient care = medical care provided or prescribed by a physician without hospital admission.

  • Third-party payment system (Medi-Assistance): AG Insurance pays your hospital bill directly.
  • Belgium: the additional services offered as part of the Medi-Assistance service are unique in the market (maternity support, transport, homehelp, childminder, etc.).
  • Abroad: repatriation, rescue expenses, etc.
  • AG Insurance cannot cancel your policy after you have been hospitalised.
  • You alone get to decide whether your policy is cancelled at any stage.
  • Premium based on normal hospital charges:
    • Higher charges at certain more expensive hospitals do not affect your Hospitalisation Insurance Plus premium.
    • If you yourself opt for a single room at one of these hospitals, you will be asked to pay a personal contribution of 50%.
  • Reduced rates for families with children (-5% on the family premium for the first child, -7.5% for two or more insured children).
  • Premium can be paid monthly without a supplementary charge (if paid by direct debit).

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