Our private bankers

Your single point of contact  

Your private banker is your contact for everything concerning money and security:

  • he or she informs, advises and performs transactions for you;
  • he or she is backed up by an assistant private banker who can also perform transactions for you;
  • he or she engages a team of experts for specific issues and areas of concern (inheritance planning, tax issues, etc.).

Your relationship starts with a unique diagnosis


You and your private banker jointly draft an asset balance sheet,

which focuses on the following aspects:

  • your asset structure;
  • the underlying structure;
  • coordination of the various aspects;
  • maximum goal orientation;
  • the portfolio balance;
  • missing provisions, individual items for attention, etc. 

Regular reporting


The asset management agreement also provides for regular reporting on your investments. You receive a report every three months. Of course, your private banker is available to discuss this with you if you wish.

You can choose from two types of private banker:


  • Your private banker
    You usually meet with your private banker in your Private Banking Centre, but if desired you can also meet at home, at a BNP Paribas Fortis branch or elsewhere. 
  • Your private banker from Private Banking by James
    In this case your private banker does the same things as a traditional private banker, but you don't always have to see each other in person.
    He or she works primarily by phone: you can contact your private banker by calling the number 02 433 40 51. Your private banker also uses the available digital channels, including e-mail, web conferences and more.

    The target groups of Private Banking by James are naturally:
  • busy clients who travel a lot and therefore find it difficult to make appointments;
  • Belgian expats residing outside the country for their work;
  • Belgians who spend large parts of the year outside the country;
  • clients who prefer digital channels.


You have to choose one of the two options when you become a Private Banking client. Naturally, you can change your preference whenever you wish.