Property and Benefit Plan

Want to use your retirement to travel more? Without dipping into your savings? We have the ideal solution for the over 50s who are still working.


Invest in a life assurance policy

With the Property and Benefit Plan, you invest your savings in a life assurance policy. This pays you a sizeable annuity each year, without touching your capital. This adds to your resources during your retirement, without eating into your estate.


Good to know: there are no medical formalities with this life assurance policy.


Protect your capital and be paid an annuity

All the capital you invest is preserved for your heirs. This we guarantee. In addition, your capital gives you a sizeable index-linked annuity every year that comes with a with-profits bonus. An ideal source of additional income during your retirement.


A regular annuity with a low tax rate

Want to receive a monthly, quarterly or half-yearly annuity? All this is possible with a minimum investment of EUR 25,000. For an annual annuity, a contribution of just EUR 6,250 is sufficient. You pay insurance tax of 1.1% on that premium. Thereafter, you pay 15% tax on just 3% of your annual premium. Your capital is therefore shielded from the taxman.


The first stage in your inheritance planning

Combine a Property and Benefit Plan with a gift by delivery and avoid inheritance tax after your death. Even if you gift the capital before you die, you can continue to receive your regular life annuity. The funds are blocked for your heirs until you die. You avoid inheritance tax in the same way as if the funds were already in their hands.