Pension savings: the second pillar (supplementary occupational pension)

The first pillar is your State pension. But it is far from adequate. You would therefore be well advised to build up a supplementary pension. The second pillar consists of pension plans linked to a tax break. This means that you can deduct all your contributions from your tax bill. Logically, second-pillar pension savings are the first step towards an attractive supplementary pension.

Pension Invest Plan - PLCI

  • The best supplementary private pension plan for the self-employed and professionals
  • Major tax breaks and attractive rate of interest

National Sickness and Disability Insurance Institution (Institut national d'assurance maladie-invalidité (INAMI)/Rijksinstituut voor Ziekte- en Invaliditeitsverzekering (RIZIV)) pension

  • Pension insurance for State-regulated doctors and pharmacists
  • Saving for a pension using your INAMI/RIZIV premiums
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Individual Pension Commitment

  • The ideal supplementary pension for independent business owners
  • Your company pays your pension contributions.

Pension @ Work

  • The group insurance that guarantees a supplementary occupational pension for all your employees.
  • Immediate tax and social security benefits
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