Are you unable to log into PC banking?

We apologise if you are experiencing difficulties logging into PC banking. The problem is not related to PC banking but to the internet browser used (Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.). A number of causes are known. Unfortunately, they cause problems on certain sites but do not or very rarely occur on other websites.


What is causing the problems logging into PC banking?


Possible causes are:

  • newly installed add-ons or automatic browser plug-ins. These can cause the browser to become unstable, crash, or just not respond;
  • other software.


The solution


Before resorting to the radical solution detailed below, you can also try this quick and straightforward trick:

Many people connect to their usual websites by clicking on the shortcuts they have saved on their 'Favorieten' bar (Favorites). If you are encountering any identification issues, stop using this shortcut and instead type in the full PC banking address into your browser:


The solution is usually to reset your web browser. To do so please follow the instructions below. It is a good idea to print this message and put it next to your computer. Please note: the names may vary depending on the version of your browser. Below we have set out the steps for Internet Explorer, the most frequently used browser. The names depend on the language version of your browser: Dutch or (English).


  • Open Internet Explorer.
  • At the top, go to 'Extra' (Tools)
  • Select 'Internet opties' (Internet Options).
  • If you do not see these menu items, you can still open the menu by pressing the 'Alt' key. This button is located at the bottom left near the spacebar.
  • Go to the 'Geavanceerd' (Advanced) tab.
  • Ignore the window with the different settings and go straight to the button at the bottom right, 'Opnieuw instellen' (Reset). Click on this button.
  • A new window will open. In this window, click again on 'Opnieuw instellen' (Reset).
  • Some browsers will ask you to first close all open windows and programs.
  • Your browser will then perform a reset, i.e. it will restore the settings back to the settings at the time you installed the program on your computer. This way, any later additions that may be responsible for your browser's instability will be deleted.
  • Has your browser finished resetting? Close the small window by clicking on the 'Sluiten' (Close) button. Now there are only two things you still have to do:
    • close all open applications; and
    • log back into PC banking.