You do not have to list which mobile devices you own when you subscribe. This is only necessary in case of a damage claim and is done by presenting proof of purchase, for example.


Digital Protect costs EUR 9.50 (taxes included) per month. Payment is by means of a direct debit from your account, so there is no need to worry about it any further.

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In order to take out Digital Protect insurance, you must be a customer and holder of a current account at BNP Paribas Fortis. This account will be used for the direct debit of the monthly premium.

Digital Protect is an insurance product of CARDIF Assurances Risques Divers SA, which is a limited company under French law with its registered office at 1 Boulevard Haussmann in Paris and accreditation for its Belgian operations from its branch at: Chaussée de Mons/Bergensesteenweg 1424, 1070 Brussels, Brussels Register of Companies, VAT BE 0435.025.994, insurance company accredited under FSMA No. 978 (Royal Decree of 6 February 1989 – Belgian Official Journal of 18 February 1989).

Digital Protect is offered by BNP Paribas Fortis SA/NV, Montagne du Parc 3, B-1000 Brussels, RPM/RPR Brussels, VAT BE 0403.199.702, which is registered and acting as an insurance agent under FSMA No. 25.879A on behalf of CARDIF Assurances Risques Divers SA.