In brief, what is it?

Specially designed for 18-27 year olds who want to manage their accounts. A Hello4You Bank card for purchases and withdrawals. The app Hello bank! to move your money wherever you are.

  • A free Hello4You Current Account.
  • An interest on deposits, beginning with the very first euro!
  • A free Hello4You Bank card per cardholder and per account.
  • Free access to the app Hello bank! to manage your money even while staying mobile.
  • No account management fees no cost for operations in Belgium.
  • Free advice from the Hello Team 83h per week.

In detail, it's…

A 625€ limit per transaction and per day at the cash dispenser ( 1.250€ maximum per week) and 2.500€ per week in shops with the Hello4You Bank card.

In case of loss or theft, your Hello4You Bank card will be replaced free of charge the first time. Subsequently, each replacement card will cost 8€.

And when you turn 28, what then?

It's time to burn all your Batman t-shirts and adopt a new lifestyle!

Joking aside, when you blow your 28 candles, your Hello4You Current Account will convert to a banking option that best fits your habits, needs and wishes.

Hello bank! will give you at least two months' notice, and of course, you'll be able to opt for a banking option that you prefer.

If you've subscribed to a joint Hello4You Current Account, it's converted when the youngest cardholder turns 28.