We continuously update our Easy banking app with improvements and new features. Suggestions, tips and sometimes complaints from our users play a very important role in this process. You can count on us to listen to your comments.

On 29 September, we are launching a new version of the app with easier navigation in a well-organised menu and more features, among other improvements. Another first is that you will be able to closely monitor your investments. These are all excellent reasons to update your app.

The new features of this app also mean that previous versions of Easy banking will soon no longer work, making the update therefore obligatory.

Useful information

  • The Easy banking app tells you that you should update it.
  • For some devices this update will be carried out automatically; for others you have to launch them yourself.
  • Please note the system software requirements of your device:
    - for an iPhone/iPad this must be at least iOS 7.1
    - for an Android at least OS 4.1

Practical tips

  1. Verify the operating software of your device in the settings menu.
  2. If you have a version older than O.S. 4.1 or iOS 7.1, you must first upgrade via the settings menu.
  3. Ready? You can now download the Easy banking upgrade in the Google Play Store or App Store.

Do you have a problem? Call the specialists at our Helpdesk on +32 (0)2 228 08 88 (weekdays until 10pm and Saturdays until 5pm).