Two specialists at your service

The Dual relationship Business & Private is a unique relationship model for professional customers. We place the expertise of two specialists at your disposal. The first specialises in managing and monitoring your professional requirements and activities. The other focuses on comprehensive management of your private wealth.


Your professional requirements

  • Day-to-day banking transactions: optimisation of your professional flows.
  • Loan: financing of your professional requirements (advance payments, working capital and so on).
  • Insurance: specific insurance such as the Pension libre complémentaire pour Indépendants (PLCI - additional private pension for the self-employed), Individual Pension Commitment and so on.


Private wealth management

  • Personalised investment solutions: wealth management, investment recommendations and information
  • Extensive financial planning for your wealth, succession and pension


As a self-employed person or a member of the liberal professions you can benefit from the Dual relationship Business & Private if you have available assets of more than EUR 250,000.


Two specialists at your service