Determine your company's investor profile

Would you like to invest your company's liquid assets? Always choose an investment strategy suited to the pace and requirements of your organisation. A strategy that takes into account your available liquid assets and your risk tolerance or security needs.

We therefore always begin your investment approach via a questionnaire. This allows us to determine your company's financial capacity, your plans and objectives and your profile. These are all essential parameters for choosing appropriate investment products.

A glance at our 5 investor profiles

After analysing your replies and an interview, you are allocated one of the five profiles we have defined. We then seek the investment products that are ideally suited to your company's investment strategy.

Conservative investor

You avoid risk. Capital protection is important above all else. You are therefore wary of stock markets and volatile bonds. You much prefer investments offering a return that is guaranteed or foreseeable. You rely on the help of an adviser for information on these investments.

Defensive investor

You aim for security. You focus on safe-bet securities with a fixed interest rate, although you are not put off by an equity fund or blue-chip securities. You trust your adviser and follow public opinion.

Neutral investor

You compensate for investment risks with a long-term horizon. Volatile stocks and investments interest you, to benefit from the extra return, so long as they are counterbalanced by safe-bet fixed interest securities. You are not worried about a temporary decline in your portfolio.

Dynamic investor

You dare to rely on your own knowledge. You follow financial and stock market information, gladly invest in equities and essentially prefer performance-led products. You know that price decreases are part and parcel of your portfolio's development.

Aggressive investor

You are aiming above all for a large return. You seek and find interesting financial market information via all possible means, you attach considerable importance to an optimal spread of your portfolio and are attracted to speculative stocks. You are interested in the emerging countries and risky sectors.

We have developed interesting products and services to suit every business.

Determine your company's investor profile