Issuer account: a must for unlisted companies

Securities in bearer form are no longer legally allowed. Securities are either registered or in dematerialised form, managed with a register. In this case, the law requires an issuer account agreement to be concluded. Your issuer account allows you to keep track of all your dematerialised securities. It is safer and more confidential and efficient for your shareholders, while complying in full with the legislation.


A rallying point for your dematerialised securities

The law now prohibits the issuance of bearer securities. Only securities issued in registered or dematerialised form are allowed. To issue them, you need an issuer account that records the transactions and movements for these dematerialised securities.


Have you issued securities in bearer form in the past? Do not fail to dematerialise them. From now on, these securities will be recorded on your issuer account and kept by shareholders on their own custody accounts, with free custody if the issuer account agreement is managed at BNP Paribas Fortis.

A clear, practical formula: a single overview of your securities issued and one register of dematerialised securities.


Dematerialised securities have nothing but benefits compared with physical ones:

  • they require fewer formalities;
  • they are better protected against theft and fraud; and
  • they are kept free of charge on a custody account held with BNP Paribas Fortis if the company that is performing the dematerialisation has its issuer account at BNP Paribas Fortis.


We take care of their management and much more besides.

The issuer account not only offers management of the dematerialised securities but also:

  • a regular summary of the movements on your issuer account. If no transaction is carried out, you receive a half-yearly update;
  • we centralise and destroy the dematerialised physical securities.
  • we keep a record of changes relating to the securities issued, such as a capital increase;


we can offer you additional services such as:

  • administering and executing your dividend payments; and  
  • managing your general meetings.  


You thus always keep an overview of the following information:

  • the total number of securities issued;
  • the number of registered securities;
  • the number of dematerialised securities; and
  • The number of physical securities still in circulation.


Issuer account: a must for unlisted companies