Verify the socially responsible approach of your investments

  • A team of some 60 SRI specialists support our SRI offering with a transparent and committed approach:
    • transparency:
      we use recognised and consistent methodology as a basis for our analysis of the non-financial data and the precise motives which influence a customer's decision to select these investments, projects or companies;
    • commitment:
      for BNP Paribas Fortis, socially responsible investment is not limited to a vague notion or a particular style of communication. Truly socially responsible investment must ensure that the investor has a concrete influence on the world around them.
  • As well as this internal control, an external control is also implemented. Companies that wish to be considered for SRI are included in "ethical" indices.
  • These internationally recognised indices, and therefore the companies who are included in them, are subject to meticulous monitoring. Continual revisions of the selections and non-financial reports result from this.
  • Companies that fail or no longer satisfy the social filter are removed from the index for good. This was the case with BP following the oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010, and also with the clothing chain Primark as a result of the collapse of a textile factory in Bangladesh in 2013.
  • Investments are often accompanied by a guarantee issued by an independent monitoring body, such as Forum Ethibel, Vigeo and Novethic. You can place your trust in the following quality labels: