Investing sustainably, ethically and/or with social solidarity: the choice is now yours.

1. Sustainable investment

When you opt for sustainable and socially responsible investment, you choose:

  • Bonds and shares of companies and institutions that interact in a positive and sustainable way with people and the environment. They contribute proactively to solving problems such as climate change, hazardous chemicals, waste and biodiversity. The sustainable character of the operations has to be measurable using objective criteria.
  • Certain economic activities receive extra support because of their social, ecological and ethical value. Other economic activities, by contrast, can be excluded.


2. Ethical investment

An ethical investment fund has to meet the following minimum conditions:

  • The equity and bond element of the portfolio must be fully screened on the basis of social, ecological and ethical criteria;
  • Assets that cannot be screened (e.g. cash instruments) may not constitute more than 10% of the portfolio;
  • Screening must be audited at regular intervals by an independent third party. The latter may be an external auditor, an independent supervisory board, an advisory panel made up of independent experts, etc.


3. Social solidarity investment

Social solidarity investment enables the investor to channel some or all of the received dividends to a charity or to a socially relevant project. In many cases, this is done through collaboration with established and authoritative non-governmental organisations (NGOs) like the Red Cross.


The party offering the investment – the issuer of the sub-fund, the bank that promotes it, etc. – may also channel part of the usual entry fees and/or management fees to the charity or project.


Investing sustainably, ethically and/or with social solidarity: The choice is now yours