Investing can seem complicated. In any case, enough to dissuade many people from taking the plunge that separates traditional saving from investment. At the same time, they deprive themselves of an appreciable additional long-term return. Flexinvest can resolve this situation by combining the convenience of saving with the possibilities of investment.


Flexinvest is ideal for regularly investing small amounts. Flexinvest is therefore tailored to each person's situation, making it an excellent package for saving at your own pace, for example for your (grand)children's studies or to form supplementary income for your retirement. In addition, research over a long period has shown that investments in a fund staggered over time contribute to outperformanceand a better spread of risk.


From EUR 30 a month

When opening your Flexinvest, you decide:

  • the frequency of your payments (monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly);
  • the amount of your periodic payments (possible from EUR 30 per payment).
  • the sub-fund of the SICAV or FCP in which you would like to invest.


Maximum freedom

You are free to modify your Flexinvest for future payments (amount, frequency and the fund in which you invest). As many times as you want and always at no cost.

You can terminate your Flexinvest whenever you like. Without notice or fees. Furthermore, the invested capital is available to you when and how you want.



You can take out a Flexinvest via your branch or PC banking.


Further information

Flexinvest Brochure (pdf)