Your investor profile: what, how and why?

An investment is something you consider. When you consult an expert you expect support and optimal recommendations from such a person of trust. The European Union wants to protect investors even more. Thus in 2007, and in particular in collaboration with the banking sector, it adopted a directive: the MiFID.


What is the MiFID?

MiFID is short for the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive, in other words, a directive relating to the financial instruments markets. This covers shares, bonds, investment funds and so on.

The directive provides better protection for your investments. How? Thanks to a policy of best execution of your orders and rigorous provisions on transparency and information to be provided to customers, that is, you.

MiFID applies to all firms offering financial services or investment consultancy. Above all it concerns banks but also brokers and other intermediaries.


Your investor profile: even better defined

A specific result of the MiFID is your investor profile. Imagine: you are thinking of an investment with us. Even before offering you anything, we have to know what type of investor you are.

To determine your investor profile, we provide you with a questionnaire. We look into your investment objectives, financial situation, knowledge of products and experience in risk management.

Your answers allow us to provide you with better recommendations.


Do you know your profile? Congratulations!

You can determine your investor profile at your local branch. You can also determine your profile  Link PC banking online
As soon as you know your profile, you can use two practical investor tools: Link PC banking Analyse your portfolio and Link PC banking Simulate your portfolio.


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