Plan by steps

Plan by steps
1Your investor profile2Determine your ideal savings3Save and take advantage of tax benefits4Save and invest for a well-defined goal5Construct your investment portfolio

Step 1: Your investor profile

Your investor profile is your personal view of (investment) risk and return. Our specialised questionnaire analyses your investment expectations: do you trust in investments, how do you see risk, what certainty would you like to have for your investments?
Based on your answers, you match one of the five profiles used by BNP Paribas Fortis:

Conservative investorConservative investor

The conservative investor avoids risk and is wary of investing in the stock market or bonds in volatile currencies. Essentially chooses investments offering a return that is guaranteed or foreseeable. Capital protection is very important.

Defensive investorDefensive investor

The defensive investor aims for certainty. The focus is on safe securities and a fixed interest rate. Has already accepted the risk of an equity fund or blue-chip securities.

Neutral investorNeutral investor

The neutral investor has quite a long-term investment horizon and would like to invest in equities. Targets a balance between safe securities with fixed interest (security) and stocks (additional return). Takes into account a possible decline in the portfolio over a certain period.

Dynamic investorDynamic investor

The dynamic investor frequently reads financial and stock market information and above all targets performance. Is not put off by price falls. Shares form three-quarters of the investment portfolio and the bond portfolio choices are highly geared towards performance.

Aggressive investorAggressive investor

The aggressive investor seeks investment information via all possible channels. Attaches considerable importance to optimal diversification and is attracted to speculative shares, emerging market stocks and risky economic sectors.

Plan by steps

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