Please note: You'll soon see a new screen when paying for your online shopping!


Do you make online purchases?


When paying for them, you are often directed to a BNP Paribas Fortis screen which asks you to enter the M2 code you obtained through your card reader.


This signature screen will soon change. It will be clearer and more attractive.


The details you need to enter will remain the same; only the design will change. And of course, it will still be secure.


Besides this text you can seen an example of the new screen.


Internet security


  • Only shop on well-known and trustworthy websites, use a secure Wi-Fi connection and protect your computer with antivirus software.
  • When shopping online, ensure that the web address starts with "https://". The 's' indicates that the page is secure. A web page that requires you to enter confidential details or requests an M2 signature can only appear after you have initiated a transaction.
  • In all other situations, this is a fraud attempt.
    • For example, a web page appears asking you for an M2 signature even though you have not initiated a transaction, citing 'security reasons' or to 'confirm the security of your account'. Do not comply with this kind of request.
    • Be cautious with any unexpected incidents or suspect loading screens.
    • Do not reply to e-mails or phone calls which ask you to provide your bank details. These are phishing attempts.


If you come across any anomalies such as those mentioned above when shopping online:

  • Close your browser immediately.
  • Contact the Easy Banking Centre on 02/228 08 88.
Please refer to our website.  




Example of the new screen

New screen online shopping