PC banking Pro: a handy tool for simplifying the European direct debit

Do you have lots of private individuals and business customers who pay you by direct debit? Don't worry: we're at your side to make sure your transition to the European direct debit goes without a hitch. With PC banking Pro.


Efficient administration of mandates

  • Automatic conversion: we supply you with a file summarising all your existing mandates in the new European format. This means they are available immediately in PC banking Pro. So you can use them straightaway, for example, to request payments from your customers. And without any additional administrative formalities!
  • Your new mandates, quickly and easily: PC banking Pro helps you to create new mandates quickly and easily.
  • A handy tool: you can subdivide your European direct debit mandates according to criteria that you define yourself. A separate file for customers in Brussels? A file for children in the third year of primary school or the members of your tennis club? With PC banking Pro, managing your European direct debit mandates is child's play.


Rapid processing of payments and withdrawals

  • If you want to give us a new payment order, just send us the relevant information about your payment. PC banking Pro will do the rest. You don't need to waste time checking or on other administrative procedures.
  • Do you use accounting software? PC banking Pro allows you to send us an XML file quickly and easily with all your debtors' details.
  • Thanks to PC banking Pro, tracking your payment orders at BNP Paribas Fortis is quick and easy. You can check the status of any particular withdrawal or a group of withdrawals at any time. You can also cancel or repay a withdrawal just as easily.

PC banking Pro


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