Payments with bank cards

SEPA introduces new rules and common standards for payments by bank card. Their aim? To guarantee that everyone in SEPA can make purchases and withdraw cash with their card securely and in the same way. An approach that has plenty of advantages for shopkeepers too.


The consequences of the new rules


  • Cardholders will be able to use their payment card in all SEPA countries in the same way (provided that the terminal is equipped with a SEPA-compatible system).
  • SEPA payment cards will work with a chip AND PIN for greater security. Cards issued in Belgium already have both of these.
  • All card payments will be processed in the same way, whether the transaction is taking place in Belgium or another SEPA country.
  • The same transaction charges will apply to all card payments in euro.


What does this mean for you in practical terms?


All cards issued by BNP Paribas Fortis offer the Maestro function and have both a chip and a PIN. As a result they are fully compliant with the new European rules. You therefore already have access to all the benefits associated with European card payments.





Payments with bank cards


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