From the Belgian to the European direct debit

The law transposing the European Payment Services Directive was published in the Belgian Official Gazette on 15 January 2010. It will come into effect on 1 April 2010. This means that the current direct debit system (DOM80) will then have to comply with European standards.


Transfer of current mandates by the banks

The new European direct debit mandate has been available since the end of 2009. But existing contracts are still running: both systems will coexist for some time.

In the European system, banks will no longer be responsible for managing direct debit mandates. From 1 April 2010, recipients will therefore be able to request that current mandates be sent to them. Belgian banks will tackle the task of converting national direct debit mandates to European mandates with the help of the National Bank.


Conversion to the new European direct debit by the recipient

If the recipient of one of your direct debits asks to switch to the new system, your bank will send it your direct debit mandate. You don't need to worry about converting it to a European mandate. Your recipient will notify you in good time. The conversion itself is totally automatic: so you don't need to sign any new paperwork and you retain all your rights as a payer.

We are doing everything we can to make the new European direct debit a high-quality product that's as efficient and practical as the current system.

From the Belgian to the European direct debit


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