What happens if my photo is not accepted?

In this case, you will receive an email within two days setting out the reason why your photo was rejected. Read the guidelines again. You then have two options:


  • If you have uploaded the image after applying for a new card through your branch
    The image must then be uploaded within 14 days of applying through your branch.
    • Provided that deadline has not expired, your application still stands and you can upload a new image. You can use the same order number (Fo Photo-ID) again for this application.
    • If this deadline has expired, then a standard card will have been ordered in the meantime, depending on your type of account. You can then replace this card with a card with a photo. To do so, you must submit a new application. You do not need to go to your branch. You can submit your application directly through PC banking or our website.


  • If you have uploaded an image to replace an existing card.
    Your application for a new card will be cancelled. You can easily apply for a new card with a new image through PC banking or our website.