I can't use my card abroad. What could be the matter? What should I do?

What could be causing this?

  • Your bank card
    Possible causes:
    • Insufficient account balance.

    • Reservations of past transactions were not processed after the booking.
    • Your transaction limit, daily limit or weekly limit was exceeded: see Why can I not make any cash withdrawals?
    • Your card has been damaged: see "Emergencies abroad".
    • The merchant in question is not connected to the same network that BNP Paribas Fortis works with: see "Emergencies abroad".
    • Your account was frozen due to missing or out-of-date identity details: see "Emergencies abroad".

    Within Europe: It may be that this service is unavailable due to multiple fraud attempts. ATOS Worldline will reactivate access to the ATMs in the country once the situation has returned to normal. Try again later or use your Visa or MasterCard.
    Countries where the bank card is accepted. (pdf).
    Outside Europe: Use of the bank card outside Europe is frozen by default. Use your Visa or MasterCard, contact your branch or customer service, or arrange a Western Union money transfer with friends or family members in Belgium.
  • Your credit card


What should I do?

See "Emergencies abroad".