What is the difference between my user number and my customer number?

Your user number is a unique and personal number provided in your PC banking contract. It is made up of 6 digits or a combination of E + 7 digits. This will be replaced in due course by the customer number.


Your customer number is a unique and personal number consisting of 10 digits. This unique code allows you to access the bank's various channels. You will find this number on all bank cards issued or replaced after July 2010. You can also find it:

  • in PC banking, in the ‘Easy banking' section;
  • by using the link ‘Forgotten your number?';
  • by requesting it at your bank branch;
  • by calling +32 2 433 41 90.


This unique combination guarantees that you are the only one with access to your account information, your transactions and your communication with the bank

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