Which amounts can I transfer with Easy banking, to which beneficiaries and when do I have to sign transfers?

The transfer limit is EUR 25,000 per week. 

You can transfer to Belgian beneficiaries that are known* or not yet known.

The rule is that transfers to an unknown beneficiary require a signature as well as if you transfer more than EUR 2500 per week.


*Known Belgian beneficiaries are the beneficiaries that you have stored in your beneficiaries list or that the bank has placed on its general white list, which includes all accredited electricity suppliers, hospitals and telecommunications suppliers. You will not have to place a signature when making transfers to these beneficiaries, unless you exceed the permitted limits, of course.


For your information:

All accounts included in your PC banking contract are also available in Easy banking.

The limit of EUR 5,000 per week does not apply to transfers between your own accounts.


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