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When you visit our website you obtain the message "The page cannot be displayed". There are several possible reasons:

    • You may have entered the address incorrectly in the address bar.
      If you are are a BNP Paribas Fortis customer, use
      However, if you are a Fintro customer, use the following address::
    • You are no longer connected to the Internet or your Internet service provider is experiencing a problem. Use another Internet site to see if you can receive new data.
      If necessary, contact your Internet service provider.
    • You are having difficulties accessing https sites. Check to see if you can access other secure https sites.
      If not, check whether or not your security software, router or internet service provider is blocking access.
      If so, check whether or not you have blocked our website using the security software you installed (firewall). To do so, consult the user guide of this software package.
    • Your computer does not fulfil the technical requirements. See "What technical requirements must my computer fulfil for PC banking?"
    • Delete the "temporary internet files" from your browser (consult your browser's help function to find out how to delete "temporary internet files") and try again later.


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