When logging on to PC banking, I get a white screen or the page fails to respond

Problem description


It is possible that some customers encounter one of the following problems when trying to use BNP Paribas Fortis PC banking:

  • you get a white screen when you call up the log-in page via the home page (http://www.bnpparibasfortis.be) or via a shortcut;
  • you see part of our PC banking site but part of the screen remains white. You see logos or a menu, for instance, but do not know how and where you can log in;
  • the 'Log on' button is not visible on the log-in page;
  • nothing happens if you click on the 'Log on' button on the log-in page.


What is the cause?

  • Please note that these problems are not the result of a technical problem with PC banking.
  • Login problems are often the result of what is known as ad/spyware on your PC. These small applications position themselves in the user's PC or browser. They are completely harmless in most cases.
  • A few examples of such applications that prevent PC banking pages from loading properly are:
    • AddLyrics
    • SaveAs
    • ZeroAccess


How can you solve this problem?

It is highly likely that your PC and/or browser are 'infected' with ad/spyware. The problem can therefore be resolved by:

  • identifying the troublesome applications; and
  • deleting them from your PC.


Please note: There are different known ad/spyware applications that cause problems when logging on to PC banking. The Bank therefore cannot give you an all-purpose solution for these individual problems.

  1. Our advice: Have your PC checked by a reliable professional, who specialises in computers and computer security. He is the best placed to help you delete the ad/spyware. BNP Paribas Fortis does not contribute towards the costs of such services by third parties.
  2. Pending a complete solution by a specialist, you can try the following temporary solutions. Customers who have faced identical problems have informed us that these solutions usually work:
  3. A good alternative for PC banking is our mobile application, Easy banking, which can be used to manage your accounts from your smartphone or tablet. Easy banking is an additional service to PC banking. You will however need an active contract.
  4. Are you familiar with the applications for deleting ad/spyware? If so, you can try one or more applications that have been proven reliable to delete ad/spyware that is already known. Please note: BNP Paribas Fortis cannot be held liable for any damage or inconvenience as a result of downloading, installing and using third-party software.

How can you avoid this problem in the future?

Install reliable anti-malware/spyware software and closely follow our guidelines for safe internet use: Secure internet banking.


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