How can I subscribe to Easy banking?

Developed as an extension for and a complement to PC banking, Easy banking is available for these users.


1. Go to PC banking.

2. Click on 'Easy banking'.

3. Choose 'New subscription'.

4. Enter a new password specifically for Easy banking. Your password should have a minimum of five characters, at least one of which must be a letter.

5. Enter the number of the mobile phone to be linked to your Easy banking subscription.

6. Specify which accounts (your accounts and beneficiary accounts) you'd like to be able to use in Easy banking. You can adjust your preferences at any time via PC banking.

7. Accept the conditions and confirm your subscription using your card-reader or Digipass.

8. You'll receive a text message (SMS) confirming your free subscription and containing a link to Easy banking: You can start checking your accounts and performing transfers from your mobile phone straight away. 

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