All your investment products on one screen in PC Banking

PC Banking is now more logically structured, more convenient and more user-friendly than ever before.

From now on, there is a clear division between:

  • the accounts and cards that you use to arrange your everyday banking;
  • Your savings, investment and portfolio accounts, and all accounts relating to an investment contract.


This way, you can monitor your investment portfolio online efficiently and safely, whenever you like.


Rest assured: no accounts have disappeared from PC banking

After logging on, you automatically arrive at the "Daily banking" page. The first thing you see is a summary of all of your accounts and cards for daily use. You may notice that this list is shorter than before.

Rest assured: no accounts have disappeared from PC Banking. From now on, you will find your accounts associated with an investment contract on the summary page of your investments.



In order to proceed to the summery page of your investments, click on "Save and invest" in the menu on the far left. The summary is subdivided into two categories:

  • assets within your contract(s);
  • assets outside your contract(s).


You can request more comprehensive information about your investment at any time using the "Extra" button:

  • the portfolio report, with which you can analyse the value of your portfolio;
  • the details of your contract(s);
  • details of the underlying accounts: history, transfers, standing orders, etc.


Do you have any technical questions about the new PC Banking?

Please contact the PC Banking Help Desk on 02 228 08 88. For content-related questions about your investment, you can of course still contact your relationship manager. It is now also possible to send a message directly to your branch. After logging in, you will see the link "E-mail us" below the name of your branch (bottom left). Your account manager will then get in touch with you either by e-mail or phone, depending on the nature of your question.