Easy banking verplichte update

New Easy banking release now avaible. With this update you will be able to add and manage standing orders and see more details regarding your credit card expenditure.
Please note:
If you do not see the update in the Store, this means your device doesn't run on the correct operating system needed for this update.

  • For Android users:
    The new update requires at least version OS 2.3.3 as operating software.
  • For iOS users:
    The new update requires at least version iOS 6 as operating software.


What should you do if the operating software of your device is not at least O.S. 2.3.3 (Android) or iOS 6 (iPhone & iPad)?

  • You should upgrade the operating software in order to keep using the Easy banking app. Indeed we will soon force the update for all devices;
  • You can update free of charge. You do this via the 'Settings' menu on your device.
  • This update will also benefit the other apps on your device.


What if you are unable to update to O.S. 2.3.3 (Android) or iOS 6 (iPhone & iPad) because your device is too old?

Soon you will no longer be able to use the Easy banking app. You can however continue to use PC banking on your device.