Safeguard your child's future

It's only natural that you want to make sure your children get a good start in life. That's why you save: so you can give them a helping hand. That's only logical. Your children's dreams are precious: studying, starting a business, buying their first car or apartment...


Invest in good time

Are you looking for higher yields than on a traditional savings account for your child? Opt for a young person's investment account. Retain both the capital and the income for your children. An ideal way of guaranteeing them a worry-free future.


With the Junior Invest Plan, you can give your children an extra helping hand. If you were to die, they would get a substantial amount of capital or an attractive annuity. What's more, the Junior Invest Plan is also an attractive investment:

  • Your return is guaranteed at all times.
  • Each year you get a share in the profits of AG Insurance.
  • You can make a single lump-sum payment or invest smaller amounts at regular intervals.


Want to go further? Then opt for a Junior Future Plan. A package that combines the certainty of a guaranteed yield with the potentially higher return of an investment fund. You decide for yourself what level of risk you are prepared to take and the term to maturity of your investment.


Junior Flexinvest: the perfect middle way

Do you want a savings option that's more dynamic than a savings account, but you're not really an investor at heart? The Junior Flexinvest package is the ideal middle way. You pay in small amounts at regular intervals that you would normally pay into your savings account. Start with just EUR 30. We invest your savings in a secure investment fund and monitor it closely on your behalf.


Safeguard your child's future


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