Get ready for the arrival of your children

Is everything ready for the arrival of your little one? Is their room ready? Have you ordered the birth announcements? Then perhaps you've already found out two important things you need to know about your new family situation: a child needs maximum protection. And a baby is expensive. Prepare yourself as best you can for the way things are going to be.


Protect your child from birth

Have you covered all the sharp corners on your furniture? Put up a stair-gate? Good. Let's see what else we can do to protect your child from other risks.


Just imagine: your child is playing in the garden with a friend and something goes wrong. Or he decides to play dressmaker with grandpa's jacket... Your Top Family family protection insurance will certainly come in handy when it comes to covering the cost.


You want the best possible protection, of course, for your first weekend at the seaside or your holidays in the south of France. You can get great coverage with assistance insurance from Europ Assistance.


Be prepared for unforeseen expenses

Your child is very dear to you... in the literal as well as the figurative sense. Think about the cost of a "family" car. Or a bed that will grow as your little one does. In a few years' time, they'll be asking for a car, pocket money and digs while they're at university.


There's no need to worry. Provided that you have the tools that mean you can always get access to the money you need at the right time. Let us help.


With your Visa card or MasterCard, you can deal with unforeseen expenses whenever you need. Both are accepted in almost all shops and even online. You can also use them to make a cash withdrawal. Then pay it back at your own pace.


Do you want greater financial security? Opt for an Overdraft facility, the cash reserve linked to your current account. You decide on the amount with your adviser, you use the money when you need it and you pay it back at your own pace, within five years.



Get ready for the arrival of your children


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