Advisory Management

If you want to participate actively in managing your assets and decide your own investment strategy, while benefiting from the support of professionals, the BNP Paribas Fortis Private Banking Advisory Management service is tailor-made for you.

What is Advisory Management?

In an Advisory Management arrangement, your appointed portfolio manager contacts you when he or she believes market circumstances justify a change to your portfolio or when market opportunities arise. As an investment professional closely and continuously tracking the financial markets, he or she prepares investment proposals based on your investment strategy and risk/return profile. These can be buy or sell recommendations, proposals to reinvest in bonds, Fix funds or structured products on maturity, or even arbitrage positions for which the manager watches the financial markets, seeking the best investment opportunities for your portfolio.

It is up to you, at the end of the day, whether to accept these proposals or not. And you can, of course, decide to manage your assets yourself, while accepting the risks relating to such management.


  • Personalised: Your appointed advisory manager, acting together with your private banker, supports you personally in managing your investment portfolio.
  • Made to measure: Your private banker offers the best advisory management package based on the amounts allocated and your personal objectives.
  • Professional: You can draw on the considerable investment expertise of our teams; this allows you to make your decisions in full knowledge of all the facts.


Investment risks

By their nature, investments have a speculative side; there are risks involved in the uncertainties of financial markets and products – and of the stocks and/or issuers underlying them.

The investment service contracts entered into by BNP Paribas Fortis Private Banking generally only commit it to a best-efforts obligation.



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Our Advisory Management service forms part of a comprehensive approach to your wealth.

  • Your advisory manager first prepares an analysis of your investments and then makes proposals aimed at optimising your portfolio.
  • From this moment on, you are regularly kept informed of BNP Paribas Fortis Private Banking's investment strategy. Your portfolio manager contacts you to suggest possible changes to your portfolio based on new market conditions or from the perspective of increased diversification, if you are interested. When attractive investment opportunities arise, you receive information on the individual investment instruments that match your investment strategy.
  • Your manager regularly goes through your portfolio with you and comments on its returns, your risk profile and possible transactions so you can follow developments in your investments in complete transparency.
  • You also have a direct and secured access to your portfolio via PC banking.
  • In all circumstances you retain complete control of buy and sell decisions.

Investing requires a huge amount of time and an intensive analysis of a large number of economic parameters, financial markets, regions and economic sectors, as well as knowledge of a very wide range of individual funds, shares, bonds, structured products etc.

Against that background, we make it possible for you to benefit from the expertise of many local specialists, who help your advisory manager in each field of investment. The BNP Paribas Group's international experts also place their professional knowledge at the service of your investment strategy.

The BNP Paribas Group offers one of the widest ranges of funds in Europe. In particular, we offer you our own range of Parvest Funds, reserved for our Private Banking clients, as well as specific structured products. In an Advisory Management arrangement, we make sure to develop an open-architecture approach, through which our specialists seek the best funds run by other fund managers all over the world.


Your portfolio manager is also at your disposal for individual recommendations on stocks and bonds or for assessments of your own investment ideas.

Capital protection is not necessarily linked to a particular investment. Investors can be faced with the risk of capital losses in their portfolios, the bankruptcy of one or more financial instrument issuers, underperforming investment schemes or unfavourable macroeconomic trends.



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