Asymmetric Management

Asymmetric Management is a unique diversification concept for your portfolio, offered by BNP Paribas Fortis Private Banking as part of a Discretionary Management mandate. Asymmetric management is implemented in combination with more traditional management schemes.

What is Asymmetric Management?

Investing asymmetrically meets two objectives: benefiting from price gains when financial markets are on the up and seeking the security of fixed income, real estate and/or cash investments when they are volatile or heading downwards.

Accordingly, with this approach you do not systematically obtain the maximum return when markets are on the up. On the other hand, you can limit the losses when markets fall.


  • Return: You are certain of being present on the markets when they are rising.
  • Peace of mind: You avoid major unpleasant surprises when markets fall.
  • Diversification: An asymmetric portfolio is, by its nature, highly diversified.


Investment risks

By their nature, investments have a speculative side; there are risks involved in the uncertainties of financial markets and products – and of the stocks and/or issuers underlying them.

The investment service contracts entered into by BNP Paribas Fortis Private Banking generally only commit it to a best-efforts obligation.



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The Portfolio Fund Management Asymmetric mandate is based on a more flexible strategy than the benchmark offers. It offers an asymmetric range of financial instruments. In other words, each fund (UCI) included in our selection has its own risk management and control model and so reacts differently to changes in market conditions.

BNP Paribas Fortis Private Banking has five different sub-funds tailored to your risk profile: Conservative, Defensive, Balanced, Dynamic and Growth. However, a capital loss in the portfolio cannot be entirely ruled out.

Stock market cycles are tending to shorten. It is therefore advisable to remain vigilant in order to able to safeguard investment performance when financial markets are falling. This is an argument in favour of asymmetric funds, which are more dynamic and thus more active in relation to cycles than traditional funds.

While including several asymmetric solutions within a portfolio is already an excellent idea in itself, optimising portfolio management by selecting and weighting multiple asymmetric solutions is even more effective.


Our team of experienced specialists ensure this monitoring by modifying the benchmark portfolios – one for each risk/return profile – on the basis of market situations and our investment strategy. Management decisions are monitored continuously and immediately implemented in your portfolio by the management team.

Heavy losses have a major impact on the future results and gains of your investment portfolio. In the event of financial markets deteriorating, your appointed manager takes all necessary steps to limit the negative performance over a year at a level predetermined by mutual agreement with you. However, no guarantee can be given that this defensive objective will be achieved. A reduction in the invested capital cannot be entirely ruled out.

Due to their defensive strategy, asymmetric funds do not generally profit in full from financial market gains either.

If you have a Conservative, Defensive or Balanced risk/return profile, the "PFM Asymmetric" mandate is an appropriate solution for a gift by transfer with financial conditions. Ask your private banker for details.



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