Wealth Audit

Your requirements and goals form a complex whole, influenced by your personality, age, family situation, lifestyle, plans, career and financial position. At BNP Paribas Fortis Private Banking, we do not consider optimal management of your wealth without a comprehensive approach. This is formed with the help of a detailed inventory of your private and professional wealth: the Wealth Audit.

What is the Wealth Audit?

The Wealth Audit is a precise representation of all items forming the assets and liabilities in a client's private and professional wealth.  



  • Precise: the Wealth Audit offers a clear view of the client's priority objectives;
  • Tailor-made: the Wealth Audit allows individual wealth optimisation solutions to be implemented from the tax and succession perspective.




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Thanks to the wealth evaluation your private banker can identify the risks and opportunities of a legal and financial kind that arise from the structure of your wealth. He or she shall thus be able to support you and to provide you with ideal recommendations for safeguarding, diversifying, managing and transferring your wealth. It is the type of stage that is indispensable in allowing us to prepare a tailor-made offer.

The wealth evaluation calls the expertise of different specialists within BNP Paribas Fortis into action in accordance with your requirements. Close collaboration between these constitutes the main advantage in fulfilment of your plans, both today and in future.



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