Discretionary management

If you would like to entrust management of your investment portfolio to a specialist to save you the trouble of monitoring your investments day by day, BNP Paribas Fortis Private Banking Discretionary Management is the ideal package.

What is Discretionary Management?

As part of a Discretionary Management agreement, you delegate management of your portfolio in full to investment specialists. Decisions on your portfolio are made in compliance with your risk/return profile, established beforehand with your private banker on the basis of a questionnaire.


  • Convenience: You free yourself from the pressures associated with the day-to-day management of your portfolio, while also benefiting from the expertise of our investment specialists.
  • Diversification: Your manager makes carefully considered investment choices based on rigorous financial analyses and from the perspective of optimal diversification;
  • Transparency: You still track your investments closely thanks to regular contact with your private banker and the different kinds of information provided.


Investment risks

By their nature, investments have a speculative side; there are risks involved in the uncertainties of financial markets and products – and of the stocks and/or issuers underlying them.
The investment service contracts entered into by BNP Paribas Fortis Private Banking generally only commit it to a best-efforts obligation.


More information about investment risks


More detailed information on this service

  • Discretionary Management investment by investment offers portfolio diversification through a selection of individual securities, in stocks, bonds and alternative investments. The portfolio is constructed in accordance with our investment policy and within the limits of the risk/return portfolio you have chosen. Investment funds can be included in the portfolio for the purposes of diversification.
  • Portfolio Fund Management is aimed at investors who would like dynamic management of their assets based on a rigorous, objective selection of the best investment funds in the world.

    One of the packages offered, the Portfolio Fund Management Asymmetric, has a dual objective: to benefit from price gains when financial markets are on the up and to seek the security of fixed income, real estate and/or cash investments when they are volatile or heading downwards.

Our teams of professionals dedicate all their time to managing your portfolio. Each quarter you receive an updated estimate of its value. You are also sent various kinds of information. Furthermore, you enjoy direct, secure access to your portfolio via PC banking.



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