With the Maestro function on your bank card, you can make payments or withdraw cash at any store or cash dispenser displaying the Maestro logo.


Depending on the payment terminal, you pay by entering your PIN (the same as in Belgium) or signing your name.

You can use our ATM locator to find a cash dispenser quickly.


Internet payments

You can also use Maestro for secure payments on the Internet. You can use your card with a card reader or PC banking on all shopping sites displaying the Maestro logo.

Visit for a list of websites where you can make secure payments via Maestro.


Watch the online Maestro demonstration.


Maximum amounts

You need to keep track of the amount available in your account and your spending limits (pdf, FR) for payments and withdrawals.

Limits include transactions made using Bancontact, Maestro and mobile top-ups made using an ATM.

The amounts shown below are the standard limits. You can always ask for these to be reduced. The maximum spending limit per account per week is EUR 3,750.


In-store payments

Per transaction:EUR 2.500
Per day:EUR 2.500
Per 7-day period:EUR 2.500

Cash withdrawals

Per transaction:EUR 625(*)
Per day:EUR 625(*)
Per 7-day period:EUR 1.250(*)



(*)Other banks (in Belgium and abroad) may apply other limits.


Demo Maestro

Watch the film for more information.




Contact our private bankers for information and customised simulations