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What Is Zoomit?

Zoomit is a free service which allows you to receive your bills and salary documents directly in your PC banking or Easy banking instead of receiving them in the post. More and more companies and services are sending documents by Zoomit: Belgacom, Proximus, Telenet, Electrabel, Tax-on-Web, SD Worx, Securex, etc.

Benefits of Zoomit

With Zoomit you receive your gas, electricity, water, insurance bills etc. directly in your PC banking or Easy banking. You pay with just a few clicks, because the transfer is made automatically. You just need to confirm, click...and it's paid!

You can access your documents for up to 6 months in the secure environment of PC banking or Easy banking. You can also print them or save them in PDF format on your own PC. Only you and the issuer can access a document in Zoomit. The bank does not have access to it.

You decide to accept the bill and to pay it on a certain date. You also choose which issuers you want to receive electronic documents from via Zoomit. Do you prefer the paper version? No problem: you can easily unsubscribe.

You receive an e-mail as soon as a new bill is available in your PC banking or Easy banking. Forgotten a payment? In this case, you receive a reminder e-mail a few days before the deadline for payment. This way you avoid late payment charges.

By choosing Zoomit you are helping to limit red tape and reduce polluting transportation.


Find out more about Zoomit

More than 50 major suppliers of gas, electricity, water, insurances etc. already offer to send bills via Zoomit. See who they are.

Zoomit is free of charge in PC banking and Easy banking. Subscription or activation is not required. It is the issuers who decide to offer you documents using Zoomit. So you do not have to request anything. You can decide whether to accept the proposal from each supplier separately.

If you do not wish or no longer wish to receive documents from an issuer via Zoomit you can unsubscribe via PC banking:

  1. Select "Zoomit" in the menu on the left.
  2. Select "Billing history", then click on "Start Zoomit" below
  3. Select "Issuers".
  4. Click on a bill from an issuer from whom you want to unsubscribe.
  5. Click on "Delete issuer" and confirm your decision.

You need to repeat these steps for each issuer from whom you do not wish or no longer wish to receive documents via Zoomit.

In PC banking the new Zoomit documents, as well as the history of your bills and your salary documents, can be accessed via the "Zoomit" link on the left menu.

In Easy banking you will find the Zoomit bills to be paid under "Tasks" in the detailed account information.





  • Zoomit is free.

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