Business Silver Visa

Safer business travel with Business Silver Visa Visa Business Silver

What is Business Silver Visa?

Managing your business expenditure can lead to a lot of administration, unless you use this credit card for business use. In addition to easy management, it offers you comprehensive assistance to you and your family on all your trips abroad.

Advantages of this credit card

With Business Silver Visa, you no longer have to keep your hotel, restaurant or travel receipts. All your expenses are shown on a monthly summary ready to be entered as business expenditure. You do not pay any interest if you pay the balance immediately.

Visa is more than a method of payment. You and your family receive comprehensive travel assistance. This comprehensive travel assistance supports you in difficult circumstances anywhere in the world.

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Visa is the most popular payment method in the world and accepted by millions of businesses and ATMs, so you always have cash on hand.


Since 15/01/14 your VISA must be enabled in advance for use in the US, with US car rental companies or on cruises sailing under the American flag.

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Professionals don't like surprises. Visa Business Silver's high credit limits, you are always safe. The credit limit is EUR 2,500/month and for money withdrawals EUR 2,500/month, EUR 1,250/week and EUR 600/4 days respectively. Contact your branch if you want to change your limit.

Act immediately!

1. Call CARD STOP on +32 (0)70 344 344. CARD STOP is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

2. Inform the local police of the loss/theft as soon as possible.


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With your Business Silver Visa, you can shop online securely.

Combined with PC banking, your card allows you to verify your card expenditure on a daily basis.






Are you going to travel? Limitations concerning your credit card.


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  • Annual contribution fee: EUR 46
  • Your transaction costs for ATM money withdrawals:
    • In Belgium and the euro zone: fixed charge of 4 EUR and 1% of the withdrawn amount;
    • Outside the euro zone: fixed charge of EUR 4 and exchange rate charge of 1.60% of the withdrawn amount.
  • Transaction costs for payments in shops:
    • In Belgium and the euro zone: free; 
    • Outside the euro zone: 1.60% exchange rate charge.

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