Coded daily statement of account (CODA) and SEPA XML reporting (CAMT)

The coded daily statement of account ( CODA for short) is an electronic file with

  • the transactions for the accounts;
  • the informative appendices about the movements on the account.

The major advantage is that your accounting software can accurately identify and recognise each transaction based on the unique codes. This allows you to process all your incoming and outgoing payments automatically.

If you wish, certain transactions can be stored in separate files:

  • transfers with structured remittance information;
  • transfers with free-form remittance information;
  • unpaid DOM80 and European direct debits (SDD).


CODA is a Belgian standard that is compatible with most Belgian accounting software packages. There is also a European standard for this type of reporting: SEPA XML or CAMT reporting.

You will find a description of CODA and XML reporting on the website of the Belgian financial sector federation, Febelfin: