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Pay worldwide, securely and easily, with the Hello Prepaid cardHello Prepaid card

What is the Hello Prepaid card?

The Hello Prepaid card is a reloadable payment card included with Hello4You. It is a MasterCard, but offers no credit. You deposit an amount of your choice on the card in advance and you can use it for secure, easy payments online or anywhere in the world.

Benefits of this payment card

The Hello Prepaid card is free for anyone aged 18 to 27. You can apply for it at any BNP Paribas Fortis branch or via the Hello Team on 02 433 41 21, from 7am to 10pm on working days and from 9am to 5pm on Saturdays.

Paying with your Hello Prepaid card is just as easy as paying with a credit card. You can use it anywhere in the world in the millions of sales outlets that accept MasterCard: in shops, hotels, restaurants... and online.

The Hello Prepaid card is a rechargeable payment card, not a credit card. You decide the amount you put on your card depending on your budget. You can then spend only that amount, so you will never face any unpleasant surprises.

You can manage your Hello Prepaid card 24/7 online with your User Account. Or better still, on the go with the free Hello bank! Prepaid app, available for download in the App Store and on Google Play. The app will allow you to quickly check your balance in a shop, recharge your card when you are away from home or Monitor your transactions without even having to get up.

A payment card is safer than cash in your pocket. Lost your card? Your balance will be transferred automatically to your replacement card. Had your card stolen? No need to worry, the thief cannot withdraw money from your account. After all, the card is not linked to your current account, and is secured with a PIN, of course.


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  • The Hello Prepaid card is free for young people aged 18 to 27. The cost of replacing a lost or stolen card is 8 euros.
  • For payments and cash withdrawals in a foreign currency, you are charged 1.60% in exchange costs.

Statutory information

Hello Prepaid card - General Terms and Conditions (pdf)Hello Prepaid card - Charges (pdf)
Hello Prepaid card - Pre-contractual Information(pdf)

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