Comfort Pack

Convenient banking for the price of a cup of coffee Easy Pack

What is the Comfort Pack ?

The Comfort Pack combines a wide range of online and mobile banking services with personal advice in branch. It offers up to three current accounts for private use, bank card(s), a credit card (subject to acceptance) or a prepaid payment card, PC banking, Easy banking, Phone banking and a loyalty programme.


Included in the fixed monthly contribution of €2.60 are all transactions carried out via PC banking, Easy banking, the automatic menu in Phone banking and our Self terminals. You can also have up to six transactions per account and per year carried out by an adviser in branch or via Phone banking (make paper transfers, withdraw money from the counter, write or issue a cheque).

Included in the price of the Comfort Pack is one Classic credit card (subject to acceptance) or one prepaid payment card. The prepaid card is a card you can top up and use like a credit card, but you transfer an amount to the card in advance.

You can add up to two extra current accounts to your pack at no extra cost. They come with all the features you need: free account statements, bank cards, PC banking, Easy banking, etc. Useful if you want a separate account for your fixed costs, or a joint account with your partner.

Every year you can earn up to six bonus credits, each worth one monthly fee (€2.60) by using BNP Paribas Fortis products and services. The total bonus amount will be deposited automatically into your account in February 2016.

As a BNP Paribas Fortis customer, you can always call on us for our extensive expertise. Do you have a question about savings, investments, loans or insurance? Then simply make an appointment at your branch. We will gladly help you, every Monday to Friday until 7pm and Saturdays until 12pm.



  • The Comfort Pack costs EUR 2.60 per month. This amount is debited automatically from the main account of your Comfort Pack at the beginning of the month.
  • Account statements are free in PC banking and at our Self terminal statement printers. You have to pay the postage for account statements sent by post.
  • Six transactions per account and per year carried out by an adviser are included in your Comfort Pack (make paper transfers, withdraw money from the counter, write or cash a cheque). Each additional transaction will cost EUR 1.
  • The costs of payments and cash withdrawals with your bank card in Belgium and all euro-zone countries are included in your Comfort Pack.


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