Your investor profile is key to the selection of an investment fund. The Smart Fund Plan currently offers you a choice between two basic AG Life funds, which are actively managed by the specialists at BNP Paribas Investment Partners.

In both cases, the target fund for transfers to protect your investments is AG Life QUAM Bonds.


AG Life funds

Investor profile



QUAM Bonds

Risk class: 1


Conservative to neutral

Invests primarily in funds that are themselves invested in bonds, money-market instruments, time deposits and cash.

Target fund*

Opportunities World

Risk class: 4


Dynamic to aggressive

Invests in a limited number of asset groups, each represented by a diversified group of securities (equities and/or bonds).

Basic fund**

OBAM Equity World

Risk class: 5


Invests primarily in international shares selected by a stock-picking approach.

Basic fund**


The risk class is based on the volatility of the assets in the funds, and varies between zero (risk-free) and 6 (highest risk level).


* Target fund: a more defensive investment fund to which the reserve is transferred (wholly or in part) when a protection mechanism is triggered.


** Basic fund: a more dynamic investment fund featuring a protection mechanism.