Income protection

A sporting accident? A long-term illness? Make sure you get a comfortable payout while you are unfit for work, even if you are self-employed.

What is Income Protection Insurance?

It is insurance provided by AG Insurance against loss of income if you are unable to work and/or long-term disabled as a result of an illness or accident. This insurance gives you a monthly payout:


  • Certainty: you will never be without an income, even if you are unable to work and are no longer earning.
  • Flexible: you decide your premiums and the payouts you require.
  • Tax breaks: your premiums are tax-deductible as a business expense.



The Income Protection policy concerns an insurance product of AG Insurance, distributed by BNP Paribas Fortis. AG Insurance sa, Bd. E. Jacqmain 53, B-1000 Bruxelles – RPM Bruxelles – TVA BE0404.494.849 –
BNP Paribas Fortis SA/NV, Montagne du Parc 3, B-1000 Brussels – RPM Brussels – VAT BE0403.199.702, is registered and acting as insurance agent under FSMA n° 25.879A on behalf of AG Insurance sa.

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